Child’s ‘How to Go Poop’ Drawings Make Potty Training Seem So Simple (PHOTOS)

how to go poopFor anyone unclear on how to potty train or, more specifically, poop in general, help is here. A child graciously sketched out exactly what moms and dads need to be showing their children when teaching them how to use the toilet. The step-by-step drawings are to-the-point; done with humor; and, oh yeah, super graphic.

If you've ever wondered how to go to the bathroom, or just really need a laugh today, check out the amazing drawings from a child who just wants the world to know how to go poop.


"How to Go Poop"

how to go poop

Step 1: Walk to the bathroom


Step 2: Sit down

sit down

Step 3: Poop


And there you have it! Bless this child for making something that seems so complicated look so easy. And I love the detail in his drawings!

Parents, if you're gearing up to potty train, I highly suggest printing this out and hanging it on the wall somewhere. And then one day, when you feel like you're making no progress, you'll look up and see it. And you'll be like, "Oh, that's right ... walk to the bathroom; sit down; and poop!"

Love this.

How hilarious is this?


Images via imgur

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