A Mom's Life Depicted in 12 Photos

wineThere are a few telltale signs that someone is a parent. You may not see them at first glance, but when you get a little closer or, ah, step inside their home, there may as well be an alarm that screams, "THIS PERSON IS A MOM OR DAD!!!"

Sometimes when I look around my house -- or my purse, or my car -- I think, "Man, how did it get like this? I used to be neatest person alive -- hey, what's a Popsicle doing in between my couch cushions?!" If you're slightly OCD (hi), it can be a bit maddening, but it really is quite funny.

I asked some of my favorite moms if they had photographic proof of their momdom, and boy did they deliver. Here are 12 ways you know you're a mom ...

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What's the craziest thing you've ever found in your house/car/purse?

Image via Jenny Erickson

  • ... There's a Doll Execution Going On on Your Towel Rack


    You know you're a mom when you find an upside-down doll in your bathroom -- and don't even bat an eyelash.

  • ... Your Son's Bedroom Wall Looks Like This


    You know you're a mom when spaceships and such are part of the (permanent) decor.

  • ... You Find This in Your Kitchen Drawer


    You know you're a mom when there's a photo of your dog and an infant headband in the drawer with your measuring cups and rolling pins.

  • ... You Find Dismembered Toys on the Counter


    You know you're a mom when small, plastic things seem to be everywhere in your home.

  • ... This Is the Most Use Your Best Shoes Have Gotten in a While


    You know you're a mom when heels can be found on your son's feet. (But, oh, the cuteness!)

  • ... This Is Where Your Bra Is


    You know you're a mom when you haven't seen your bra in a while ... because when was the last time you've worn one?

  • ... This Is What Anything Glass Looks Like


    You know you're a mom when you consider getting stock in glass cleaner.

  • ... This Is What Your Arm Looks Like


    You know you're a mom when you seem to always have (temporary) tattoos. And they're a little, um, unprofessional-looking.

  • ... The Most Expensive Bag You Ever Bought Is Now Stained With Oil


    You know you're a mom when there's tea tree oil all over the one nice bag you own. And you don't even use tea tree oil.

  • ... You Finally Find the Remote in Your Child's Boot


    You know you're a mom when your life is a game of hide and seek. Bonus points for finding the toothpaste you were looking for!

  • ... Your Car Looks Like It Threw Up



    You know you're a mom when you can't remember the last time your car was clean.

  • ... You See This in Your Fridge


    You know you're a mom when you open your fridge and see this. (And think about enjoying the drink on the left, regardless of the time.)

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