Kid's Reaction to Getting a Banana Makes Our Children Seem Like Spoiled Brats

banana kidIf you are like a lot of moms, gift-giving time comes with a lot of anxiety. Your little one has been good all year, diligently did his homework (even if it took a little prodding), and was nice to his little sister. So you want to make sure he feels the love whenever a gift-giving occasion rolls around. Usually topping the list are expensive electronics, like iPads, iPods, Xboxes, and more. One thing I bet never makes the cut would be a piece of fruit. It did, however, for one family. And the little boy's reaction to getting a banana is unlike anything we've ever seen.


It was a Mother's Day celebration, and the child felt left out as all the women opened their gifts, so someone decided to prank him. He excitedly takes the bag in his hands and pulls away the tissue paper, only to find a piece of produce. His reaction is priceless.

Not what you expected, right? It certainly shocked the heck out of us. The look on his face was sheer delight. And the way he embraced that banana was out-of-this world cute. He was genuinely happy.

But our surprise at a kid being so overjoyed about such a simple gift says a lot about kids in general. Think about all of the children in your life and ask yourself, how would they react if they received a banana as a present? The reactions would probably have ranged from perplexed to confused to downright pissed. Imagine the tears. Have your doubts? Try it and see what happens.

It is a rare child who reacts the way this way one did. For those who would act ungrateful at such a gift, we can't blame anyone but ourselves. We are raising very spoiled, incredibly entitled children. Our overindulgence didn't come from a bad place. We just want to reward our children and see them happy.

But watching this video makes me wonder if it's possible to repair what we have done? Can we help our children become more grateful for the little things? I suppose that begins with us tightening the reins on how much we give them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a child was truly, sincerely over-the-moon about a present no matter what he or she was given?

How would your child or children react if they received fruit as a gift?


Image via YouTube

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