'Judgy Fetus' Twitter Feed Tells Pregnant Moms Everything They're Doing Wrong

fetusIs the fetus growing in your uterus judging you? Don't bother thinking about the answer. I'll just tell you: The answer is yes, and I have proof. Your fetus has been tweeting about every single thing you do wrong. Or someone's fetus is -- the newest fake Twitter handle is @JudgyFetus, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Someone is pretending to be a fetus, judging its pregnant mother for everything she does. Whoa mamas, is your inner critic this harsh? I'll say this much: The development of Judgy Fetus' sense of humor is astoundingly advanced.


Here's what happens when you indulge in the wrong pregnancy craving. Come on, just one?

All I can say is, Judgy Fetus better get used to the sound of Chris Harrison's voice. Besides, we're learning about relationships -- right?

Amazingly he/she has found a way to ruin brunch even before his/her arrival.

Not just judgy about your health -- there's also your style. Or lack thereof.

Judgy Fetus thinks you're already flunking Attachment Parenting 101.

Okay, now he/she is just hitting below the belly band!

Did you have a "judgy" voice like this one in your head during your pregnancy?


Image via Nucleus Medical Media/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

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