25 Big, Important Reasons Toddlers Throw Tantrums

temper tantrumToddlers could be -- actually, scratch that -- they are the greatest humans on the planet. But man, they're freakin' crazy. One minute, they're happy as a clam, the next, they want to rip your head off because you won't let them use a Chinese Throwing Star as a hair brush.

I'm not a fan of laughing at a toddler when they're mid-tantrum because, as silly as we think they're being, it's kinda shaming their feelings a bit. But I will admit, the reasons some kids have tantrums are downright hilarious, and sometimes, when it's not frustrating, it's really (really) hard not to laugh at these adorable little hurricanes.

Here are 25 (funny) reasons toddlers have tantrums.


1. You won't let them play with a bottle of Jim Beam.

2. You won't let them play with metal barbecue skewers with super-pointy ends.

3. You won't let them pet the dog with a knife. (Hey, what are they doing with a knife?!)

4. You ask them to come inside when it starts monsooning out.

5. The bread rips when you're putting peanut butter on it, and they don't want to eat holey bread. (What is wrong with you, you unfit parent?!)

6. The mailman walked away.

7. You offer them food they, up to this very moment, thoroughly enjoyed.

8. You have to change their diaper.

9. You want them to keep their diaper on.

10. It's time to take a bath.

11. It's time to get out of the bath.

12. It's time to go to bed. 

13. You won't let them bring the remote with them to bed.

14. They want to see your phone.

15. You're out in public.

16. You don't want them playing with the bag of dog poo.

17. You ask them to try a bite of something you're eating. (How dare you?!)

18. You move them away from the stove.

19. You want to put their shoes on.

20. You want to put their coat on.

21. You don't want them leaving the house naked.

22. You want to brush their hair.

23. You want to brush their teeth.

24. The bunny in the backyard hopped away.

25. The tower of blocks they built fell. It'll never, ever be the same.

What's the funniest reason your toddler ever had a tantrum?


Image via Tosca Radigonda/Corbis

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