10 Reasons Moms Want to Run Away

on off knobKareem Granton is an 11-year-old from Brooklyn who decided to run away from home because he didn't want to clean up after his dog. Oh my goodness, how I can relate. As a mom though. Don't worry, Kareem was found after five days. (Double oh my goodness there!) He's fine. But this whole story just makes me think how his mom deserves a five-day runaway of her own.

Parents want to run away, too, you know. And here are 10 highly understandable reasons we want a major break from our kids much better than not wanting to clean up after the dog. (Though many of us can relate to that as well.)

  1. Because there are only so many poopy underwears I can clean before I give up.
  2. Because I really just want to polish my nails and have them dry properly in peace. For once.
  3. Because I don't wannnnnnnna have to share my chocolate with her, darnit!!
  4. Because kids don't have an off button. And I have a migraine from lack of sleep.
  5. Because I have to go to the bathroom. The kind that I can't deal with interruptions or knocks on the bathroom door.
  6. Because ... wine.
  7. Because ... coffee.
  8. Because I just want one meal eaten at an acceptable pace while it's still hot. Please.
  9. Because it would be so nice to shower daily again.
  10. Because I really just want to have one whole hour to do ... nothing.

Can you relate? What would you add?


Image via Robert Kevin Moore/Flickr

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