5 Ways Kids Make 'Miraculous Recoveries' to Get Their Way

girl sick on couch

Have you ever noticed how kids seem to go from one extreme to the other in certain instances? What am I saying? Of course you have. They're just about the most indecisive little creatures on the planet -- especially when it comes to making sure they get their way.

And they really have a knack for changing their minds as to how they feel in a split second if they aren't getting the reaction out of us they're looking for.

Not sure what I mean? Here are five ways kids make "miraculous recoveries" in order to get situations working in their favor.

  1. Healing on contact -- You didn't even witness him getting hurt, but then all of a sudden, he's hobbling around on one leg because the other one hurts sooooo bad. He doesn't even want to move off the couch, he's in so much pain. But then the next morning, he bounces out of bed like nothing ever happened. You know, because it's Saturday and there's all sorts of fun to be had.
  2. Growing an extra stomach -- Half of his dinner is still left on his plate, but he insists he's so full, he cannot ingest even one more morsel. But then you take a fresh box of cookies out of the pantry, and OMG -- the poor little guy is starrrrrvvvved!
  3. Curing their illnesses -- She's achy and feels terrible, so you don't send her to school -- just in case she's coming down with something. You set her up with a comfy couch bed. But by about 10 a.m., she's running around the house like the energizer bunny insisting she's never felt better. Hmm. (Sucka!)
  4. Recharging their batteries -- Your little guy is exhausted. Like he's so tired, he can't keep his eyes open, let alone clean up the playroom. But then you tell him it's a shame he's so tired, because you were planning an afternoon trip to the park. All of a sudden, his energy magically comes back and he's a cleaning fool!
  5. Temperature regulation -- One minute she's complaining about how cold she is because the family is spending the day outside. She's freezing -- until you pass by the ice cream shop, of course. Then she starts to sweat and needs something to cool herself off.

What other things does your kid "recover" from?


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