Kids Afraid of Monsters? We've Got the Cure

monster drawingAs parents, we have this magic ability to kiss boo boos away and find creative ways to get kids to finish their dinner. Flying airplane! Vroom! Open the hangar! Sometimes, though, we need some extra help. Like when there are monsters under the bed, in the closet, anywhere in the house.

Of course we can tell our kids that there are no monsters, but they sometimes don't believe a word we say. We're the adults, remember. There once was a time we didn't believe anything adults say either. But to get an actual prescription for a Monster Spray? That could work. And that's exactly what Barrett Pharmacy in Watford City, North Dakota, did for not one, but several kids who needed their own Monster Spray to get to sleep at night.


HuffPo got word from Austin Johnson who is a pharmacy technician at Barrett Pharmacy. She was at her friend's home when the woman's 6-year-old daughter was scared to go to bed because of the monsters. The mom told Austin how her child had been having trouble sleeping, and Austin told her how their pharmacy had written fake prescriptions for "Monster Spray" that the kids can pick up and use to keep those scary things away.

She wrote the little girl a prescription. The pharmacy manager, Josslyn Dodd, noted that they have filled this prescription for several kids over the years. They even put it in a typical prescription bottle with the child's name and the label says "Monster Spray." Brilliant! The placebo effect!

The 6-year-old used the spray for three nights before she said it worked. Not too shabby -- sounds like the right amount of time for a "medicine" to fully work. Parents, if your local pharmacy isn't keen to making your child some needed Monster Spray, I think you know exactly how to make it. Put some magic Monster Spray in a tiny spray bottle (water ... shhh), maybe make your own label. Just tell them it's an over-the-counter spray that works just as well. Or, you know, homeopathic.

Have you ever made or needed a Monster Spray?


Image via Surian Soosay/Flickr

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