3-Year-Old Wants Cupcakes for Dinner & He Won't Take No for an Answer​ (VIDEO)

cupcakesThere's a running joke in my house that if you're standing in the rain with our daughter, she will still find some way to convince you that it's really not raining and you're not really getting wet. Somehow I have given birth to a world class arguer, but I'm not alone! A video that's going viral of a young little debater putting up a convincing argument to his mom that they should eat cupcakes for dinner has me in stitches because, finally, I have proof my kid isn't the only one who will argue about anything.

Of course, the fact that Linda Beltran's 3-year-old -- who sounds like a little old man as he tells her, "Listen, Linda!" -- is cute as a button makes the video all the more hilarious. Just take a listen:


When Mateo said, "Linda, honey, honey," I think I almost died! It's funny how kids will pick up on the words we use to reason with them ... and parrot them back to us in an argument, isn't it? And by funny, I mean it's hard to keep a straight face!

My 8-year-old recently told me I was "skating on thin ice." It was all I could to do to remain serious and respond that I'd take it under advisement, but she still wasn't going to get to watch a movie when it was bedtime.

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Good for Linda for maintaining ... I don't know if I could have gotten through that whole thing without at least a snicker or two. But man, does my heart go out to her. She's got a pip in her house!

Do you have an arguer in your house? How do you handle it?


Image via clevercupcakes/Flickr

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