​Celebrity Mini Me's Copycat Oscar Looks & Boy Are They Adorable (PHOTOS)

Which celebrity got your vote for favorite look at this year's Oscar awards? Whether you were dazzled by Lupita Nyong'o Cinderella dress or overwhelmed by Jared Leto's flawless ombre hair, there's a reason we're still talking about this year's Academy Awards trendsetters -- there was simply too much good fashion spotted on one red capet! Photographer, artist, and mom Tricia Messeroux considers herself a kid at heart -- one who just happens to love fashion and celebrity style. With the help of wardrobe designer Andrea Pitter, she recreates the most amazing celeb award show looks -- for children!


Tricia's genius site is called Toddlewood. The amazing 2014 Oscar-inspired looks she features are all modeled by adorable little kids and will leave you stunned. Even more awesome: Tricia's number one influence is someone even larger than life than Meryl Streep:

"Well I love fashion, I love kids and I love photography, so this is a way to creatively put my passions together in an entertaining artform," Tricia told The Stir. "My daughter, Skylar, who was 3 years old at the time that I began Toddlewood was my true inspiration."

Awww! Check out the slideshow to see 9 amazing Oscar looks modeled by kids.


Images via Tricia Messeroux/Toddlewood

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