3-Year-Old Girl's Gift to Cancer Patients Will Move You to Tears (VIDEO)

emily's hairMaybe 3-year-olds get an unfair rep for being selfish. Here's one little girl proving us all wrong. Three-year-old Emily donated her hair to children with cancer. Her parents showed her photos of children who had lost their hair and suggested she help. Emily agreed to cut off her long, golden-brown hair. Listen to her tell the story in her own words and you'll see how deeply she understands what she's doing and how her actions could help someone else.


It's so simple to her! Some kids are sad about losing their hair, and she has more than enough to share. She might as well give some of it away, right? I've been a little girl, though, and I know how attached you can be to your long hair. Hell, I'm a grown-ass woman, and I'd have a hard time letting go of my semi-long hair.

But sometimes kids have a way of illuminating our priorities. Having long hair is great. But helping someone to not be sad is so much better. Emily's parents must be incredibly proud but also touched and humbled.

It's so sweet that her uncle got to be the one to cut her hair. I love how she wanted her doll's hair cut first. And her uncle did it! Look -- it's so cute.

cutting hair

But nowhere near as cute as Emily! Kindness and compassion are beautiful. And yeah, Emily's bob is also quite chic. I love the look, don't you?

Do you think this kind of unselfishness is typical of most 3-year-olds? 


Image via Richard James/YouTube

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