5th Grader's Letter to Her 20-Year-Old Self​ Highlights the Important Things in Life (Think Tacos)

Life is SO complicated, isn't it? We have to work, balance our personal relationships with our professional lives, make sure we're taking great care of our children and that they are happy and healthy and educated, and ... oh, what else can we add to the mix to fret about? Mortgages, taxes, elderly parents, our health, the health of everyone around us whom we love, etc., etc.

Remember when we were in fifth grade and the biggest concern we had was whether the little boy in the third row thought we looked cute that day with braids in our hair? One young woman's mom had the foresight to predict she'd one day need to be reminded of simpler times. So, she saved a letter the girl wrote as a fifth grader in 2005 to her future self. And the adorable product serves as a reminder that we're all totally focusing on the wrong things.


Like most little kids, this girl assumed she'd be surrounded by super-high technology. But her other concerns are so innocent and simple, this letter just has to make you smile:

I'm much older than 10, obviously, but I have to admit I can think of few things that would cheer me up more than the love of a cute husky puppy and a few tacos that aren't freeze-dried, because man, would those suck. It also helps to have a "cool job" and a nice boyfriend, but honestly, tacos and cute animals are where it's at.

Not only does her letter help us remember the finer things in life, but it also serves as a reminder that our kids are more appreciative of the little joys than we can possibly imagine. The next time we feel bad that we can't buy them that really expensive gadget, maybe we just need to take them on a good, old-fashioned zoo and Mexican lunch date.

What do you think your child would include in a letter to his or her future self? What would you have included in yours?


Image via Elizabeth Albert/Flickr

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