Dads Try Breastfeeding in Ultimate Show of Support​ (VIDEO)

dad breastfeeding supportSupport. Essential for breastfeeding. And I'm not just talking about a great pillow to help baby be at the perfect angle. I mean support from your partner. Which is why this new campaign is so fantastic -- dads are breastfeeding!

Well, they would if they could. Hector Cruz and his team are showing support in so many ways with "Project: Breastfeeding," helping to normalize breastfeeding so it's not seen as an obscene act. They are also bonding the family, showing dads how they can support and be educated. They have this campaign to share the knowledge of how to help fathers become a part of the whole process. 


Look at these dads!

project breastfeeding

I love how these dads are taking initiative -- being a part of the process, being present, helping, learning, and doing all they can to support breastfeeding mothers. Cruz is a professional photographer, so he took all the photos himself with the help of the fathers he knew who would show support of breastfeeding. He wants to spread the word of this campaign, make billboards, and not only support his wife, his friends, but breastfeeding mothers everywhere.

Here we are helping spread the word!

Cruz says:

[There are] a lot of dads who are excited to see the project. A lot of the guys who are pro- breast-feeding feel like they have a voice. The pictures just allowed the conversation to start. We actually have really good questions and we want to know [about breastfeeding]. Every guy wants to be a good father and good husband and we don’t know how to do that. I want every guy to have a place to go.

He wants to put together a non-profit program that helps educate fathers about breastfeeding and I love him for it. I also love that by "faking" breastfeeding -- with that skin-to-skin contact with baby -- the dads are helping their babies thrive. So much benefit in being close to baby like that -- it creates a bond and stabilizes baby, even lowers stress hormones.

Thank you, Hector, and all those who support breastfeeding moms. 

How has your partner supported your breastfeeding? What do you think of "Project: Breastfeeding"?

Image via Project: Breastfeeding by Hector Cruz Photography

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