10 Embarrassing 'Mommy Habits' Our Toddlers Have Imitated ​

toddler on phoneWhen our babies hit toddlerhood, we quickly realize they've turned into little sponges. Nothing gets by them. They mimic and repeat everything we do, and depending on what it is, it can be cute and funny or downright mortifying. In a way, living with a little parrot is a good thing because it forces us to look at ourselves and how we live our day-to-day lives. I mean, who else is going to point out the fact that we always let out a loooong, exaggerated sigh every time something goes wrong?

I asked some of my favorite mamas what behaviors of theirs they caught their toddlers mimicking. And not gonna lie, although eye-opening, some of the answers are pretty hilarious.


1. "After we got my 2 1/2-year-old a play kitchen for Christmas, I noticed that she started slamming the toy dishes in the sink, like I do. I didn't even realize that I did that!"

2. "My son has now gotten in the habit of bringing reading material into the bathroom with him. Kind of gross, but at least we don't read the same things."

3. "I'm a serious germaphobe and hate touching anything in public restrooms. My daughter now uses her sleeve or a paper towel to open doors. Kind of crazy, I know!"

4. "My daughter yelled at my dog recently when he started barking. 'Ugh, would you stop it!' she snapped at him. I think I should start being nicer to him."

5. "My son started walking around with anything -- the remote, a doll -- wedged between his ear and his shoulder and pretending to talk on the phone. 'Hello? Oh, hi!' he says. The weird thing is I never use my phone like that -- then I realized it's the babysitter!"

6. "When my son's tower of blocks toppled over recently, he let out the loudest, longest sigh ever. Wonder where he got that from :/"

7. "I have a serious Amazon habit -- order everything there. My kids have been bugging me to go get a pet fish. I keep telling them we will as soon as we can find time to go to the pet shop. Yesterday, my 5-year-old daughter looked at me and said, 'Why don't you just order them on Amazon?'"

8. "There was the time I was frustrated or cranky about something and my son said, 'Gass of wine, Mommy?' ... at the age of 2."

9. "My 20-month-old daughter walks around with one of her books, talking about 'email.' I think I might be working on my iPad too much around her!"

10. "My daughter smells the butt of literally every single one of her stuffed animals and babies. 'Check diaper?' she says."

What embarrassing habit of yours has your toddler repeated?


Image via Emma Kim/Corbis

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