Bringing Baby Home From the Hospital: All the Sweet Moments (VIDEO)

There is nothing quite as wonderful or as nerve wracking as taking your sweet little newborn home from the hospital for the first time. A lot of parents (myself included -- can I get a holla?) almost feel a little bit shocked that they’re letting you leave with a tiny person.

There’s a lot to figure out with a new little one, especially if it’s your first time. I remember when our first daughter was born; I had packed this adorable little corduroy dress with ribbons and lace as her going home outfit. And tights. Yeah, I packed tights for my newborn’s coming home outfit. She ended up coming home in a hospital onesie. Hey, live and learn, right?


Anyway, I think most parents get a little nervous taking their babies home from the hospital. From trying to get a shirt over that wobbly little head to making sure the car seat straps are properly adjusted to introducing them to their new home, it’s a surreal experience.

This super sweet video captures a few of those magical moments, and will definitely leave you reminiscing about your first few days of parenthood.


Were you nervous bringing your newborn home from the hospital?

Image via HooplaHa/YouTube

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