​Baby 'Leads' Dad in Intense Workout & You Will Die Laughing (VIDEO)

lilly ann workoutBabies may look like adorable lazy blobs, who simply lie around all day, drinking milk and gumming toys, but really, they're actually quite active. In fact, when they're not sleeping, babies spend most of their day exercising. They'll make even the most active mom's day to day life seem sedentary. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.

Below is a seriously adorable clip of a dad "exercising" with his (seriously adorable) infant daughter while she works on her neck strength during some tummy time. They call it: The Lilly Ann Workout.

Check out the cuteness. And it actually does look like a decent workout!

(And P.S. how awesome is this dad?!)


I found it impossible not to smile and laugh while watching this -- I love how the dad really commits to the "workout." And speaking of workouts, it looks like dad is working his core here with Lilly Ann. Parents who don't have any time to hit the gym, might be worth a shot?

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And if you and your baby are looking to spice up your exercise routine a little bit more, try some of these fantastic baby moves:

The Yoga Toe: Both of you need to start off lying on your backs for this one. Then grab your foot and slowly lift it up to your mouth. Insert foot in mouth and enjoy a good snack and stretch.

The Rollover: Start off on either your back or tummy and slooooowly roll over. Repeat until you tire or hear a squeaky toy. 

The Resting Butt Stretch: Lie down some place comfortable, preferably a crib. You should be on your stomach, but with your knees pulled toward your chest and your butt in the air. You may fall asleep like this. That's fine.

See? Babies are more workout fanatics than you thought they were, right? Now go on, try your own Lilly Ann workout! Who says we parents can't fit in a little exercise?

Have you ever "worked out" with your baby?


Image via Michael Stansbury/YouTube

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