Kids Dream Up the Ultimate Date Night for Their Parents

couple on picnic blanketRemember date night?
For some parents, it is but a faint memory -- something about changing out of your yoga pants and going out somewhere in public together, just the two of you. Who knows, fun could be had! And I'll let you in on a little secret: Your kids are probably dying to send you off on a date. Seriously. We asked a bunch of kids where they would send their parents on a date. "Sky is the limit!" we told them. Did we even need to say that? You wouldn't believe the dream dates these kids came up with.

Are they trying to get rid of us or something?


"You'd go to the Bahamas, have a cocktail, and sit in the sun together." Spencer, 11

"You'd go to the Galapagos islands because they have sea otters and it's very life-ful there. You could go snorkeling and go on lots of hikes and take lots of pictures of landscape." Henry, 9

"You'd go to Akumal, Mexico, for four days. You could fend for yourselves if you got bread, cereal, and milk. There's a beach and snorkeling, and that's better than going out to dinner." Kelsey, 12

"You'd go under the sea. There is a building and in the building is a tunnel and we can walk through the tunnel and be under the ocean. And if we get hungry, there are all these buttons around it so if you want something, you just press a button." Jeremy, 4

"IKEA. Costco. And Winco." Bella, 8

"The Korean bathhouse." Leon, 9

"The Island of Sodor to hang out with Thomas the Tank Engine and friends." Abby, 3

"Hawaii -- or you could just have a nice dinner." Zane, 9

"You would want to go on a date with yourself. You wouldn't even want Dad. I see you in Italy, drinking tons of coffee and then sleeping in your favorite kind of bed. All white and downy. You'd probably sleep in a castle in Tuscany, right?" Matt, 12

"To a horse farm to buy me a horse!" Eric, 7

“They should go in an airplane,” says 2-year-old Sophie. When asked why, she says, “Because an airplane goes” and makes airplane noises.

"PF Changs! And bring me too! And order fried rice. And hot and sour soup." Joanie, 10.

"It would be on a plane to Hawaii to look at volcanoes -- hopefully one erupts." Riley, 9.

"I'd send you to Florida to eat a special dinner and you get to stay 20 days. You get a really good hotel that's free because it's your anniversary." Jillian, 8.

And finally, the most epic date of all, from Mac, 10:

Start in New York, go to a bunch of ramen places, then get on an airplane and go to Disneyland in California. Then go to the Tate in London and then go to Venice and ride on a boat, then go to a really, really fancy hotel. And then wake up, go around the hotel, look for ghosts, and then try to map out the hotel, then travel to a mountain, and go skiing, after that, go to a cooking competition and win and bring the prize back home. Back in New York. And then post a picture of it on Instagram in front of the Empire State Building.

Okay, I'm booking my flight now. You're paying, right?

Where would your kids send you on your dream date?


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