Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

mom If there's one thing the world really excels at, it's labeling parents. Moms in particular. It seems like everyone loves to judge and immediately slap a label on a person's parenting style. (And it's, need I say, pretty obnoxious.) Strict and run a tight ship? OMG, you're totally a Tiger Mom! Roar! Trust your kid walk to his friend's house alone? You're a Free Range Parent! Immediately pop up and rush over if your kid scrapes his knee at the playground? You're a Helicopter Parent!

Ever wonder where you fall on the parenting label spectrum? Or where people think you fall (i.e., how they label you)?

Below is a handy-dandy little quiz to tell you which kind of parent you are. Take it if you dare to come face to face with the truth ...

(Note: This is for entertainment purposes!)

1. You're at the playground with your child when he falls and starts crying. You:

  • A -- Ask your kid what the hell they're doing at the park when there's studying to be done.
  • B -- Go over and make sure he's okay and give him a kiss to make it better.
  • C -- Call 911.
  • D -- Do nothing at all.
  • E -- Laugh and go back to texting.


2. Your child comes home and tells you that someone was making fun of them. You:

  • A -- Ask your child if the bullying interfered with any studying.
  • B -- Make him some chocolate chip cookies, give him a hug, and ask him if he wants to talk about it.
  • C -- Move so your child can change schools.
  • D -- Tell them it's fine and not to worry about it. They can handle it.
  • E -- Roll your eyes and ask if their whining is going to cut into The Bachelor.


3. Your child learns something new -- to tie their shoelaces; the alphabet. You:

  • A -- Blink at them, unimpressed.
  • B -- Exclaim, "Great job!" and tell them how proud you are of them.
  • C -- Were hovering over them the entire time to ensure they didn't get hurt/were doing it properly.
  • D -- Tell them it's cool ... over the phone. You're in Barbados when this happened, and he's home alone.
  • E -- Sarcastically say, "Wow, awesome, dude. I did that 100 years ago," and go back to smoking.


4. Your toddler starts throwing a temper tantrum because she wants a piece of candy. You:

  • A -- Take the piece of candy and slowly put it in your own mouth in front of them.
  • B -- Tell them candy isn't safe for kids their age and let them know they can have a cookie after lunch.
  • C -- Dive over the piece of candy and quickly hand feed them an organic apple.
  • D -- Say, "Sure, whatevs."
  • E -- Give them two pieces ... you just don't want the whining to interrupt your stories.


Wanna know what kind of mom you are? Click through for the answers!

Image via Varin/Flickr

  • Tiger Mom: Mostly A's


    If you answered mostly A's, you're a Tiger Mom. You're an enforcer who doesn't take any crap from your kid. Your main concern is that your child stay disciplined in his studies, work, and responsibilities.

  • Mom Mom: Mostly B's


    Ava Lowery/Flickr

    If you answered mostly B's, you're a Mom Mom. You don't follow any specific guidelines as to how to raise your kid, you just do what feels good and right.

  • Helicopter Parent: Mostly C's



    If you answered mostly C's, you're a helicopter parent. You hover over your child at all times and are terrified of them making mistakes. You don't believe in learning through experience. You believe in removing any and all negativity from your child's life.

  • Free Range Parent: Mostly D's



    If you answered mostly D's, you're a free range parent. You're the exact opposite of a helicopter parent. You let your kids roam around freely at all times because you're super chill and laid-back. If your 3-year-old wants to walk around the block alone, pssh, why not!

  • Slacker Mom: Mostly E's


    Rolands Lakis/Flickr

    If you answered mostly E's, you're a Slacker Mom. You brag about being a crap parent, but in a sanctimonious way. You think it's cool/funny to set your kid in front of the TV for hours on end while you take a nap.

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