Are You Ready to Be a Mom? Take This Quiz

Motherhood readiness testSo, you think you're ready to be a mom, huh? What kind of questions did you ask yourself: am I financially viable, is my partner on board, do we have room for this baby? All good markers of motherhood preparedness, I suppose, but let's get real for a second.

It isn't until I had a baby that I realized all of the above was only the beginning. Was I ready for the kind of sleep deprivation torture the folks at Gitmo only wish they'd dreamed up? Ready to catch vomit in my hands?


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Ah yes, if you think having a savings account and a mortgage is proof positive you're ready to be a mother, let's just say you've got some learning to do! So let's get you there, shall we?

Can you pass these 15 test questions? Even #12?


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