Strangers Have Heart-Melting Reaction to Little Boy Shivering in the Cold (VIDEO)​

If you're a parent to one of those kids who just refuses to put on a damn coat no matter how frigid the polar vortex outside, have no fear. Apparently strangers will step up to the plate and help your kid out -- even going so far as to take off their own warm coats and place them atop said shivering child while they themselves stand around freezing. At least, this is how it all went down in Norway.


A charity in Norway decided to set up a hidden camera to see how people would react to the sight of a young boy shivering outside in the cold with no jacket. No idea why the charity did this -- other than to gain YouTube fame, of course!

At first, all doesn't look well. The boy continues to shiver as random people cast him sidelong glances that clearly convey, "I hope I'm not expected to take off my damn coat and give it to this kid."

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The video doesn't contain subtitles, so I couldn't tell what the kid's explanation was for not having a coat, but it probably went something like this:

"My mom wouldn't give me a coat this morning." [Lie, lie, lie!!! You just know the kid wouldn't put on the damn coat.]

Oh wait, there are captions. (Click "CC.") Ahh, he tells everyone someone stole his coat. Little bugger.

The wary glances eventually melt into, "Okay, kid, here's my damn coat ... and my scarf ... and gloves ... " as the adults resign themselves to the reality that they should make sure this kid stays warm or they will surely go to hell.

Check out the guy who even bear hugs him to keep him warm! So cute!

On a side note, are all the people in Norway so nice? And the guys so hot? Hello, Norway, I think I've just found my new vacation spot. No jacket required! Check it out:

Would you give a strange kid your coat?

Image via SOSbarnebyernorge/YouTube

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