Pregnant Women Need to Stop Expecting People to Give Up a Seat for Them

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Oh boy. Have you heard about the pregnant woman who was forced to sit on a train's floor because no one wanted to give up their seat during the busy London commute?

Yep. It really happened. Victoria Poskitt is five months along, and while riding in one morning, there were no seats available in the main class, so she opted to plunk down on the floor of the car so she wouldn't have to stand. And understandably, she's upset -- and not just because she wasn't feeling well and figured someone should give up their seat. Apparently this particular train line offers special passes to pregnant women who are more than 20 weeks along, which allow them to sit in the first class car if there are seats available.

Yes ... there were seats up front on the day Victoria was riding, but she still wound up on the floor. And it's because she only rides the train three days a week. To get the pass, you have to have a weekly, monthly, or annual pass. (There's always a catch.)


And while I totally get where she's coming from -- somehow I feel like she might be trying to score extra perks out of her pregnancy by milking the situation for all it's worth.

Hear me out.

It's not like she's in her last trimester -- she's a mere five months along. And if I remember correctly, I wasn't anywhere close to being an invalid around that point. I mean, the second trimester is generally a breeze, so you'd think most moms-to-be would want to act like normal human beings and not expected to be given all sorts of special privileges -- at least until their bump is so huge that they can barely stand up straight.

In a way, by looking for a pity party out of what happened on the train, this woman is kind of giving preggos a bad rap. It's like she's saying they can't function like regular people or something. Yes, it's a little shocking that no one offered up their seat to her. But is it really necessary for women to expect to sit in first class when they aren't super pregnant yet? 

It's like those parking spaces at the grocery store that are reserved for moms-to-be. Yeah, they're great if you're like eight months along -- but should you really get that spot if you're only a few weeks pregnant? Or even a couple months? (All I'm saying is that the line needs to be drawn somewhere.)

Hopefully next time Victoria rides the train, she'll have more generous commuters around her. But if not? Well ... she might want to think about springing for the monthly pass until her baby arrives. At least that way she'll get her first class seat and still follow the rules so the train line doesn't have to bend them for everyone else.

Do you expect special privileges since you are pregnant?


Image via oatsy40/Flickr

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