'Tough' Moms Help Their Kids Overcome Disabilities in Remarkable Ways (VIDEO)

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Tough is a great word, unless of course you’re referring to steaks or bullies. When I hear the word tough, it conjures up images of superhuman strength, unshakable fortitude, and quiet courage. I see mothers who are strong in their convictions, strong in their character, and strong in their actions. And it’s all in the best interest of their children.

It’s rarely the easy way, but the tough way is so often what makes a difference in the long run ...


These mothers willingly whisk their kids off the playground and into a time-out. They ask, “Do you have any homework?” and then, “Show me.” I see mothers who actually call to check if a parent is going to be home at the Saturday night party.

And I envision the children of those mothers growing up to get Master’s degrees and meaningful jobs, coaching Little League, teaching Sunday School, and running for town council in their spare time.

I used to think I would be a tough mom. But once I was outnumbered by my kids, all bets were off. I just did what I could to get through the day, sometimes serving lukewarm chicken nuggets three nights in a row.

I was big on threats: “If you don’t eat your vegetables, no TV tonight.” When I realized no TV meant no free time for me, I simply stopped serving vegetables. “If you don’t get your grades up, I’ll take away your phone.” When I started texting their friends to get in touch with my kids, I tabled that threat as well.

It’s tough to be a tough mom in today’s world. There are so many distractions and doubts and struggles and stresses that even the best intended mothers fall down on the job.

disabled athletesNow just imagine if you had a real challenge with your child. I mean a life-changing, life-defining challenge. Now those are the mothers who are truly tough. Those moms like in the video above.

And it really put things in perspective for me. I don’t know the last time I saw something that packed such a powerful punch.

These moms have made a conscious choice to put their children first. How much easier it would be for them to take the easy way out; to make a day, an hour, a minute run just a little bit more smoothly. But, in the end, shortcuts don’t work and these moms know it.

I may never be the tough mom I had hoped to be, but I will always tip my hat to the ones who are. They are not only doing right by their kids, they are making the world a better place as well.

Tell us about the toughest mom you know.

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