3-Year-Old Bursts Out Laughing at Military Dad's Careful Surprise (VIDEO)

A little girl got the most thrilling and heartwarming gift of her life on her third birthday. Not a pony. Not a unicorn. Not a trip to Disney World. Better -- much, much better. When little cutie pie Bridget Carr was greeted by her mom with a gift so big it nearly dwarfed her, she couldn't contain her excitement. And like lots of kiddies, it took her forever to meticulously unwrap the giant red bow and green wrapping paper. But the surprise inside was well worth the wait -- and captured on video so we can all share in her joy at what she discovered inside: her military daddy just arrived home from Afghanistan!


Joshua Carr was lucky enough to return home from overseas right before his daughter's birthday. After what seems like a lifetime, the toddler finally rips off all of the paper while her mom encourages her and videotapes the whole thing. Dad appears and shouts, "Happy birthday!" to the squealing youngster's delight.

It's difficult to deal with the absolute amazing-ness of this video. Her reaction of pure joy is priceless, and I'm guessing this is a moment neither daughter nor dad is ever going to forget. I'm so happy for these folks and hope Bridget gets to have her daddy home for a long, long time.

Be prepared to cry and smile and have your heart break in the best conceivable way. And stick with this video -- it's well worth it!

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Image via YouTube

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