Parents Share What REALLY Happens When You're Snowed in With Kids (VIDEO)​

By now, it's the phone call most parents locked in many frozen parts of the country have started dreading: the school-is-closed-because-of-snow call! Just when you think you're going to get a break in the day -- you're even looking forward to going to work because it gives you a few minutes to sip your coffee in peace and think -- you wake up to see yet another six feet of snow outside your window and find out your kids will be your shadows that day yet again!

After experiencing the gazillionth snow day this year, the Holderness family did what it does really well. They made an hilarious video depicting a day in the life of parents who are expected to actually entertain their kids on these snow days -- for hours and hours and hours on end!


If you're like me and have a really young child who has yet to reach school-age, you will watch this video and weep. Dad Penn and mom Kim, who are responsible for making a Christmas video that also went viral, walk us through their snow day, which starts at 6 a.m. and consists of kids excitedly yelling to get outside before poor mom and dad have even had their coffee.

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There's snow sledding, more playing in the snow, and even more playing in the snow. Basically, it's a looong day of being cold -- for parents -- because, as we all know, children under 18 are immune to cold temperatures. Dad begs his kids to watch a movie and then another movie -- which is hilarious because who can't relate to relaxing on their no-more-than-one-hour-of-TV rule after kids have been locked inside for so long?

I keep telling my husband we have to buy a house before our toddler grows up. In my fantasies, we can just open the back door and let her play in the yard on snow days while we sit back in the kitchen with hot cocoa. Of course, looking at all of the Facebook pics posted by friends who live in the suburbs with kids, I can see this is NEVER going to happen. They are out there sledding, getting wet, and freezing to death -- as we will all be at some point.

Check out their video and let us know if you can relate:

What do you think of their video? What do you do to occupy your children on snow days?


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