Man Who Regrets His 3 Kids Is Brutally Honest About It (VIDEO)

If you have kids and totally regret it, there's not a lot you can do. You can't return them to the store. But there is a way you can at least vent -- to the Reddit anonymous confessions forum! And that's what one dissatisfied dad decided to do. And I'm really hoping these kids never figure out this is their dad (the confession, not the actor reading it!) ... because, you know, dad hates them. Okay, maybe he doesn't hate them. But he's definitely not thrilled about their existence.


The video, produced by content production company Gotta Kid to Feed, shows actor Chris Kipiniak reciting the Reddit dad's confession.

The dad, who says he's in his 30s and has three kids under the age of 5, thinks he's a good father. But he admits: "But if I could go back in time to before I had kids ... I would definitely not have had them."

Ruh-roh. Bad time to find this out, buddy! The man, who says his kids are great and have no major problems, and he has a good relationship with his wife, still regrets his decision to procreate. He laments:

The major problem is the loss of freedom. And the financial costs. I barely see my friends anymore. I hate coming home from work and having to watch the kids by myself ... I hate never being able to travel. I hate that I don't have my weekends off anymore. I actually look forward to Mondays because of how much work it is to watch the kids ... I hate that I had to move to a city I don't like because we needed help from my parents. I hate being stuck in a job I don't enjoy because of our financial situation.

So far, he sounds like what most parents probably think now and again ... if those parents aren't filthy rich. It's not a crime to occasionally regret what you've gotten yourself into. I doubt every parent fully calculated the amount of time, energy, and finances that would go into a kid ... let alone three.

But this guy then takes it a step further and sounds downright distraught, saying:

There are nice moments, but overall it's just pure stress. I just feel like I've given up my entire life and I've barely gotten anything out of it.

Wow. That's really sad. Sounds like maybe this guy wasn't meant to be a dad -- but how do you know until you have one? Maybe he shouldn't have had three, but maybe the real stress only kicked in after number three? Hard to say.

I hope he is able to rise above his feelings and not express any of this to his children. They did not ask to be born. And they will most likely get stuck taking care of his old ass one day.

I'm sure there's a lot of people who feel this way but don't say anything about it ... kids aren't all rainbows and marshmallows. It's a lot of pure hard work -- and, yeah, sometimes there isn't a lot of immediate payoff.

But these kids are young. When they start being able to have conversations and do more things with him, hopefully he will appreciate them more.

Meanwhile, people on the fence about kids, take note.

Do you think people think this more than we know? Here's his full confession:


Image via GottaKidtoFeed/YouTube

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