Toddler Watches Superman Fly & His Excitement Is Contagious (VIDEO)

baby's reaction to man of steelWhen's the last time you saw a movie that got you so pumped up that you actually had a physical reaction to the on-screen action? Probably not in a while. But what an amazing feeling that is, right? Well, if it's been so long that you need a reminder of what that feels like, look no further than this amazingly adorable video of a 16-month-old reacting to Superman's first flight in Man of Steel. As one Redditor put it, it may be the "happiest thing" you've ever watched.

Check it out ...


OMG, cute overload, right? It's obvious that the kid has seen the movie before, but so what? I love that the parents decided to capture this particular viewing on video, because it was a truly memorable experience for the whole family. You can just see how Dad is glowing as his son gets engrossed in the action! He's thrilled to have "spawned another fan."

What a cool reminder, too, that no matter how old we are, we could all benefit from being this thrilled from time to time!

What's your reaction to this baby's reaction? When's the last time you got that into a movie?

Image via Iribbit/YouTube

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