Hot Postpartum Selfies Are Latest Celebrity Trend: Why, God, Why?! (PHOTOS)

We hate them. We love them. We can't help but look at them. I'm talking about celebrity post-baby photos and selfies -- you know, those super-annoying pictures that big-name women snap of themselves two weeks after giving birth that show they have zero trace of baby left on their svelte bodies. Try as we may to remind ourselves that most of these stars have a lot of time on their hands to work out -- and money in which to hire helpers galore, including nannies and personal chefs -- it's easy to forget that they are actually mere mortals, just like us. 


Depending on whom you ask, these selfies and photos can serve as inspiration for us to get off our rears and hit the gym, or they can be destructive as hell and make us feel bad about ourselves at a time in our lives when we should be feeling like superwomen. 

Here are 7 of the most impressive (and irritating) selfies from celebrities who recently gave birth. Let us know if they make you want to scream your head off or celebrate their strength and determination to get back in shape.


Image via Instagram

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