6 New Olympic Sports Created With Moms in Mind

mom cooking dinnerSooooo, have you been glued to the TV watching the winter Olympics since they started? Nah. Me neither. Because it's super tough to find the extra time to sit down and watch them, what with all the stuff we moms have going on during a typical day.

Between getting the kids off to school, work, helping them with homework, taking care of household tasks, and shuttling them back and forth to activities -- sometimes our lives really are like their own version of the Olympics.


And that's why I have a great idea. The Olympics added a dozen new sports this year -- so why don't they tack on a few more based on the life of a mom?

I'm serious. Here are six daily tasks moms juggle that require so much talent, they deserve their own bronze, silver, and gold medals.

  1. Speed racing -- Mom style, of course. And by speed racing, I mean managing to get the kids dressed and fed, make lunches, walk the dog, and drop them off at school in a 30-minute period -- with no bathroom breaks.
  2. Intense balancing -- This sport involves carrying a laundry basket, laptop, and coffee cup down the stairs all while balancing a baby on your hip. And you'll have a leg up on the competition if you can also carry your keys by your teeth.
  3. Dinner in a dash challenge -- This requires you to be ultra-resourceful. The kids are hungry. You only have 15 minutes before they totally lose it. And all that's in your pantry is a box of elbow macaroni, crackers, and cereal. There may or may not be milk in your fridge, along with maybe a bag of iceberg salad mix. But you still have to come up with a complete meal. Oh, and your son's teacher calls wanting to chit-chat on the phone about a problem he's having in class just as you turn on the stove.
  4. Bus stop relay -- It never fails. The minute you get the kids all suited up in their coats and hats and bring them to the bus stop -- one of them announces he's forgotten his library books. If you can run back to the house, grab them, and return before the bus pulls up, you qualify for a medal.
  5. Clean sweep -- You have company coming over in 10 minutes and the house is a wreck due to the playdate your kid had the day before. If you can make your pad look presentable faster than all the other moms -- you win.
  6. Traffic teaser -- You only have 20 minutes between when your daughter has to be at dance and your son has to be at basketball practice. You find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic after the first drop-off -- and you still have to stop by the bank and the dry cleaners on your way. What do you do? Oh, and as soon as you figure out an alternate route, your husband calls and tells you he's running late. (Bonus points if you can complete the challenge without swearing.)

What other mom duties could probably be Olympic sports?


Image via Tom Grill/Corbis

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