8 Reasons Husbands Should Be Banned From the Delivery Room​

husband in hospitalWhen it's time to sit down and make a birth plan, most moms-to-be don't even question whether or not their partner will be in the delivery room when it's time for junior's arrival.

I mean ... duh! Of course he's gonna be there. Why wouldn't he?!? He's the kid's father and needs to be there to hold your hand and support you. He should also have the pleasure of witnessing the miracle of birth, right?

Wrong. Maybe.


Yes, it's wonderful to have him there and all -- but there's also a decent chance things could backfire if he's present. And that's why it's not the worst idea in the world to consider having him wait right outside the door until the final push is over.

I'm being serious. For reals.

Here are eight legit reasons to kick your husband out of the delivery room.

  1. He might faint -- Ain't no shame in it. Some dudes just can't stand the sight of blood, let alone all the moaning and screaming. Labor is stressful enough without your husband dropping over and cracking his head open.
  2. He might annoy the shit out of you -- And possibly literally. Granted, you might love having him there to try and calm you down, but then again, his words of encouragement might drive you bananas when you're in the midst of full contractions.
  3. Seeing you give birth could ruin your sex life forever -- Yes. It can. Some guys are perfectly fine and are still all over their wives after watching them push out a baby. But then there are those who can never look at her vag quite the same ever again. It happens more often than you think.
  4. You might poop on the table -- And he might not think it's very cute. Plus, then you can't give him shit for using the downstairs bathroom to do his business anymore.
  5. You might break his hand -- Seriously. You just wait until the pushing phase and see how hard you squeeze him.
  6. He might eat in front of you -- This is the worst. There's nothing worse than being forbidden to eat while watching your beloved chomp down on a foot-long sub because he "hasn't eaten in two hours."
  7. You might knock him out -- Yes, you just might clock him if he gets too close and starts trying to give you a little pep talk. In your defense, you can't control your reflexes when it feels like there's an alien coming out of your body.
  8. He might take your picture -- Do you really want a mid-labor pic being posted to Facebook? I didn't think so.

Is your husband planning on being in the delivery room?


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