4-Year-Old Snow Shoveler's Funny Message for Jesus About the Cold (VIDEO)

Are you sick of the cold yet? Are you ready to punch the polar vortex in the neck? Are you pissed that Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter?

You're not alone. This little boy is sick of the cold too and taking matters into his own hands by pleading with a higher power to please just make it warm again.


Take a look at this adorable little 4-year-old snow shoveler -- it will warm your heart even as your fingers and toes freeze off.

Isn't he the cutest? I love how he looks up into the sky and calls with all his might to Jesus to make it warm. After all, who else would you call upon for miraculous sunshine and warmth?

Are you sick of the cold?


Image via bulldog1/Flickr

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