10 Little Surprises First-Time Moms Never Expect

Remember the days before you had children? You know, when you knew everything there was to know about everything and nobody could tell you otherwise?


And then you had a baby and realized you didn't know anything then, you don't know anything now, and who the hell let you take this child home?! 

Motherhood is filled with constant lessons, no more so than in those early days when you learn valuable things like these ...


1. How to multi-task. Like feeding a baby while on the toilet multi-task.

2. How well you can manage to function with practically no sleep at all ...

3. But how freaking amazing a good night's sleep really is. (Sadly, you might not learn this one for quite some time.)

4. How unnecessary most clothing really is ... except for the yoga pants, of course.

5. How clueless your own parents really were with you. 

6. Just how long you can go without showering. (Not, however, how long you should go.)

7. That love at first sight can exist ... but so can indifference at first sight. 

8. That you can get through an entire day, even week, having no adult conversation at all. 

9. That mommy brain is real, and not some excuse that your friend used to get out of lunch with you. 

10. That life as you knew it is over. And the best part has really just begun.

What "surprises" would you add to this list?


Image via Scary Mommy

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