Babies Trying to Escape Their Shadows Are So Cute It Hurts (VIDEO)

babies shadowThere's something magical yet oddly terrifying about your shadow, isn't there? Especially if you're a baby -- come on, there's this dark, large, looming silhouette attached to your feet that you can't run away from. Luckily for those of us who are old and crotchety enough to know that your shadow is just an area where light from a light source is obstructed, it's kind of fun to look at it through the eyes of youngsters, fascinated and confused and bewildered by the discovery of this seemingly simple phenomenon.

Thank goodness there's a compilation that exists out there of babies who discovered their shadows. Then proceeded to freak out. Can you blame 'em? The original video came out back in October 2013 but it's still fun to watch regardless and will make your day. Because it's babies who are discovering their shadows! Doesn't get much simpler and funnier and more charming than that!



Gotta love that last baby, who tries to beat up his own shadow. Shadows are pretty scary sometimes, so it's no wonder all these babies' minds are sufficiently blown.

If any kid has grown up watching Peter Pan, it's easy enough to believe that your shadow is an actual living thing with a mind of its own. And that perhaps it's a solid entity that can easily be sewn onto one's shoes. J.M. Barrie clearly knew the magic that shadows hold for kids, and this video is proof that it's a never-ending mode of entertainment for the little ones.

And you never know! Perhaps your young one's fascination with his or her shadow could lead to something amazingly useless like this:

Do you remember when your baby first discovered their shadow?


Image via funnyplox/YouTube

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