Not Having Kids Is a Great Idea ... Until You Hear About the Side Effects (VIDEO)

try not having kids screenshotNo matter what the best age for having kids is, there inevitably comes a time in your life when you're surrounded by friends with kids. Or more specifically, friends who are pregnant with their first kids. And just like open season for engagements and weddings, being surrounded by a baby boom can spur a slew of emotional reactions. Yup, there's nothing like being peer pressured to procreate!

Thankfully, if you're in that boat, you're not alone. There's help. It's called "Try Not Having Kids!" ... Otherwise known as Jason Messina's parody on pharmaceutical ads, which has gone viral, because it's relatable and hilarious. Check it out ... 


Ha, amazing! Because it is so true. As newlyweds in our early 30s -- aka DINKs (dual income no kids) -- my husband and I could definitely be the couple here. We certainly have the same stack of baby announcements, and we're thrilled for our friends, but at the same time, no one should feel pressured into something as huge as parenthood! I feel like even more so than getting married, it's something everyone needs to do in their own time.

Because it's the logical "next step" or everyone else is doing it are never good reasons to reproduce. And there may be some benefits to holding off or just saying no altogether. Though as Messina hilariously points out, no matter which route you choose, you may very well be damned if you do and damned if you don't!

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