8 Things I Learned From My 4-Year-Old's Happy Disposition

toddler on horseI've learned so much from my kids. My daughter, who is 4, is this bright light of happiness. She's vivacious and so full of life -- she shows enthusiasm for even the simplest things. She's like sunshine and joy and reminds me to enjoy everything. Just the other day she threw her a granola bar wrapper into the trash can like it was a basketball. She made it in and said "That was fun!" And she meant it. THAT was fun to her. As adults we forget. We take it all for granted. Something that simple should and can make us smile, appreciate. We spend too much time complaining and not enough time seeing the good, finding the happy, feeling the joy in all the other things.

These are things I learned from my daughter's happy disposition.

  1. That the mundane things should be appreciated. The sun shining. And feeling it -- the warmth on your skin. Being able to see the stars. And really seeing them. Being in awe of them. Taking a moment to really look up.
  2. That hugs -- real heartfelt with meaning hugs -- mean love. Stop to hug more often. Feel love.
  3. That laughing really loud makes you feel really good. If you are missing a good laugh in life, surround yourself with people who can bring out that laugh.
  4. The power of holding hands. And not just with your children. With those you love. And not just when you are walking with your loved one. When you are sitting watching TV, while waiting at a restaurant ....
  5. That it's okay to make a mess. There is joy in messes. Or really joy in not worrying about a mess. It's just a mess. And most times that mess was created because so much fun was being had.
  6. That you should act however you want without a care of who is looking. Example: Kids skip sometimes. It's adorable and happy. Adults almost never skip. People might think it's odd. All I'm saying is if you want to skip because it makes you happy, then skip!
  7. That every night should end with a kiss and a hug. You've heard people say to never go to bed mad -- there's something to that. Good nights are so much sweeter this way.
  8. Rushing is never good. Little kids don't rush. They take their time. They get upset when rushed. This is why we are late to school every day. I won't rush them because why should I set a hasty tone to start the day? 

Do you agree? What would you add?


Image via Michele Zipp

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