The 6 Mom Friends Who Will Ruin Your Life

toddler in tutuIf there's any one thing that truly helps moms cope with and survive the toddler phase, it's having amazing friends who are right there going through the same challenges with you.


There's really nothing better than having someone say, "I totally understand" or, "OMG. I'm having the worst time potty training little Joey too. Isn't it the pits?!?"

But while mom friends are definitely essential, there are a few types of parents out there who will probably wind up doing you a lot more harm than good if you choose to associate with them.

May I present six types of mom "friends" whom you seriously need to consider booting from your life.

  1. The over-scheduler -- Simply put, she doesn't believe in down time. Like at all. Little Sally has ballet on Mondays, music class on Tuesdays, swim lessons on Wednesdays, gymnastics on Thursdays, and on Fridays she meets with the French tutor. Sally's mom is going to make sure her little girl excels at everything, damnit -- and she isn't shy about making you feel like a deadbeat parent because you did nothing more than take your kid to the park today.
  2. The Martha Stewart wannabe -- You know her. I'm sure you do. You walk into her house and instead of there being toys scattered about, it more closely resembles a fine art museum. But over on the kitchen table, neatly laid out on newspaper, is some sort of craft she and the kids have been working on all morning to get ready for whatever holiday happens to be coming up next. Did I mention the made from scratch cupcakes that are baking in the oven? She'll make you feel like a loser every time you hang out. Guaranteed.
  3. The shameless bragger -- Whether it be the fancy-schmancy resort she and her (perfect) husband stayed for a week (where, of course, his company picked up the tab), how much her new designer handbag cost, that she manages to hit the gym seven days a week, or the fact that little Joey can not only recite the alphabet perfectly, but also backwards and in sign language -- she can't stand rubbing her charmed life in your face. Avoid her at all costs.
  4. The kid-obsessed mom -- These friends are the WORST. We get it. She adores her kid. But she's also a human being who is supposed to have some sort of interests that go beyond her child. If you can't get through an hour-long lunch with her without the subject shifting from her child -- put her on your "do not call" list.
  5. The ring leader -- Ugh. The first time she starts showing any signs of thinking she's in charge, just run. This is the mom who thinks because she's a mother, it gives her the right to discipline your kid -- when you're standing right there next to her. She'll override your parenting at every chance she gets.
  6. The perfectionist -- This mom can do no wrong no matter what she does. Every single aspect of her parenting is THE way to do things. If you don't agree with her methods, she assumes you're either a.) stupid, or b.) really stupid. And she won't hesitate to talk about you behind your back to your other so-called friends to let them know how wrong you are for not seeing things her way.

Are there any moms in your circle who drive you nuts?


Image via abbybatchelder/Flickr

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