2-Year-Old Riding Skateboard Might Give You a Heart Attack (VIDEO)

2-year-old skateboarder

Yikes ... my eyes! I couldn't help but cover them over and over again while trying to get through this video of a 2-year-old from Australia riding a skateboard like he's some kind of pro.

Yes, from everything I can tell, this video appears to be for reals. The kid is so young he isn't even out of diapers yet -- but somehow he manages to give adult pro skaters a run for their money.

Check it out. And make sure you watch all the way up until after the one-minute mark -- when he starts going down hills and steps.


Seriously? Am I the only one who cringed all the way through this thing? I was convinced he was going to take a major digger and wind up breaking his arm, skinning his tiny little knees, or worse -- cracking his head right open.

And how about the part near the end where he's cruising down the middle of the street and a car pulls out? Geez. If I'd been near this kid in real life, I probably would've had a heart attack.

On that note, somehow I can't resist hitting replay on this clip just one more time. I mean -- the kid really can skate like a boss.

Would you let your 2-year-old ride a skateboard?


Image via ES Presso/YouTube

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