Touching Video Shows How Motherhood Changes a Woman

You know how everything changes when you become a mom? You spend nine months getting ready for this little person to enter your life -- you read the books, you set up the nursery, you oooh and aww over teeny-tiny newborn clothes ...

And then they hand you the baby after going through what is likely to be the most physically demanding and painful experience of your life, and all you can think is -- holy crap, I made you!

Well, we mamas might have made these kids, but they're the ones that made us moms.


That's sentiment of this super sweet video from Boba, a company that makes baby carriers.

You Made Me a Mom is so honest and delightful that it almost makes me want to have another baby just so I can buy one as a way to say thanks for making this heartstring-tugging vid.

Just watch. Maybe have some Kleenex nearby.

Did this sum up the joys of motherhood for you?


Image via Boba/YouTube

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