What a Stay-at-Home Mom's Work Is Worth in Dollars Is Astounding (PHOTO)

sahmThe website Salary.com recently figured out what a stay-at-home mom's job is worth -- were it a paying gig. They calculated the incomes for housekeepers, cooks, daycare teachers, among other occupations moms automatically take on; ballparked the number of hours moms spend doing each of these jobs; and determined that a SAHM's salary would be a whopping $113,568.

Hey, wait a minute! I do all of these things and I have a paying job, and I'm not netting nearly this much! What the heck am I doing wrong?


Okay, so fine, moms, we get paid in snuggles and kisses and "I love you"s, which is way better than cold, hard cash -- but still! It's sort of crazy when you think about it this way. (Yes, yes, I know, moms have been doing laundry and driving their kids around for years, but it's pretty eye-opening to see it in print.)

The website also determined what a working mom's salary would be, and, while comfortable at $67,436, it's not nearly as impressive as a SAHM's. The rationale behind that number was that moms who work don't log as many hours cooking, cleaning, being a "facilities manager" as moms who stay home.

stay at home mom

You know what I think? I think regardless of whether you're a mom who works or a mom who stays home, you deserve a big ol' hug and a tousle of the hair. You work hard raising your kids, all while doing nine million and one other things at home.

And I hope you'll take this hair tousle and hug, because Lord knows you're not getting a paycheck for doing everything that you do. You rock, mamas!

Do you work or stay at home? Done both? Which do you prefer?


Image via Salary.com

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