25 Names Guys Would Give Their Babies if Their Wives Weren't Involved


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There is so much riding on what you name your child. It's the name that he will be called forever. Unless he emancipates himself from you and changes his name. Which could very well happen if you choose poorly. Choosing a baby name also comes with the challenge of you and your partner liking (or not liking) the same name. Not always easy. In an effort to delve into the male psyche, I asked a couple dozen of them what they would name their son if it were solely up to them. 

If it didn't matter what their significant other or anyone else had to say about it. Here are those dad-approved names for baby boys.

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  1. Jared
  2. Jakob
  3. Tyrus
  4. Alaska
  5. Hunter
  6. "Junior" -- Dad's own name with Junior added to the end
  7. Shane
  8. Sasha
  9. Bryce
  10. Geronimo
  11. Issac
  12. Stuart
  13. Seamus
  14. Sam
  15. Brock
  16. Xavier
  17. Mortimer
  18. Obi-Wan
  19. Felix
  20. Jackson
  21. Maxwell
  22. Julius
  23. Alexander
  24. King
  25. Cash

I might side with a lot of these guys. Obi-Wan, Felix, King ... great names in my book.

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