Absolutely Adorable Kid May Be Ellen's Best Guest Yet (VIDEO)

Elias Phoenix might be the most spectacular guest that has ever appeared on The Ellen Show. The 7-year-old piano prodigy sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s show -- and by “sat down,” I mean he radiated energy and exhilaration and pure JOY at being there.

Before sitting down to tickle the ivories, he kept bouncing up and down and hugging Ellen, telling her that she’s a beautiful person and a cuuuutie! When Ellen asked about his bedazzling outfit that included a sequined hat, dapper vest, and bow tie, he said he wore it for her, and “to be myself!” This kid is basically an exclamation mark in human form.


After wowing Ellen with his bubbly personality and contagious enthusiasm, Elias danced over to the piano and absolutely stunned everyone with his talent. Kid is gifted, to put it mildly.

Words cannot adequately express how awesome this clip is, so do yourself a favor and just watch and be amazed.

Did you see the pan of the audience when Elias was playing? Was your jaw on the ground too? This kid is definitely going places.

How big is your smile after watching that clip?

Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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