Cat Annoys Toddler By Licking Her to Death While She's Trying to Nap (VIDEO)

I love watching videos of cute cats doing cute things to and with cute babies. But I love it more in theory than in practice because, if I can be honest, I don't entirely trust kitties around young people who aren't strong enough yet to defend themselves against the most powerful and evil creatures on earth. 

Oh, I'm kidding -- sort of. Despite the fact that I gave up my cat when my daughter was born because I couldn't deal with watching him stalk her crib and, oh yeah, she hated everyone else who walked into our home so how could I be sure she wouldn't try and mutilate my child, I really can find the adorable factor in this video. It shows a crazy-cute cat bathing a 1-year-old toddler with its sweet little tongue. I'm not hyperventilating. I swear.


I'm certain there are millions of households in which docile, amazing cats act as best friends and companions to children. This appears to be one example of a mutually beneficial relationship in which cat bathes baby and baby lifts her head up every so often to see what in the hell it is that keeps threatening to consume her whole.

But really, it is super cute and deserves a watch, especially if you're like me and totally biased against cats. This kitty looks like he/she is protecting the love of his/her life and has taken to having maternal feelings toward her. Although I would probably blanch at the sight of a cat that's almost as big as my baby cuddling up beside her in the crib, I think we've already established that I am a cruel and heartless individual. Instead of taking anything I say seriously, I highly recommend you judge cats and their love of babies based on this video. Which will surely be used as evidence by some cat one day when he's on trial for stealing baby food.

Would you let your cat hang out with your baby in his or her crib? 


Image via YouTube

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