8-Year-Old's Apology Letter to Brother Is a Little TOO Honest

Kid's epic apology letterWhen your child does something wrong, telling them to "say you're sorry" is pretty automatic. That's how you raise a good kid, right? But every parent knows you can make a kid apologize, but you really can't make them be sorry ... which can lead to some pretty hilarious "apologies."

Take, for instance, the letter an 8-year-old named Zach wrote to his brother Ben after throwing a pair of scissors at him. The apology note has quickly gone viral thanks to Zach's brazen sorry not sorry approach to chucking the shears:


Kid's epic apology letter

Poor Chris! Poor Ben! But hey, at least Zach was being honest!

We don't want our kids to lie, now do we?

The fact is, sometimes kids can be a little TOO honest, but it's one stage I know I'd like to see go on for as long as possible. If nothing else, it's wildly entertaining! You just can't laugh in front of them (much).

What do your kids do when you tell them to apologize?


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