8 Inventions That Make Living With a Toddler So Much Easier (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jan 16, 2014 Being a Mom

boon bowl

Daily life with an active toddler can be ... well, kind of challenging and exhausting, to say the least. Between chasing them around, trying to successfully get them down for a nap, cleaning up various messes, and still squeezing in some good quality play time -- anything that makes our days run a little smoother is welcome and very much appreciated.

And that's why so many moms have "go to" items they can't live without when it comes to tot rearing, which make their routines at least a little easier.

Hey ... every tiny bit helps.

Check out the photos below to see eight of the coolest toddler inventions around, which actually benefit moms even more than the kids.

What is the one thing you can't live without when it comes to parenting?


Image via booninc.com

  • Kitchen Life Saver


    Image via Amazon

    How many times have you tried to cook dinner only to burn it because you can't keep your toddler occupied? Enter the Guidecraft Kitchen Helper Step Stool. It provides a safe place to put your kiddo while you cook -- and also allows them to "help" you out in the kitchen.

  • Germ Shield


    Image via Floppy Seat

    How disgusting are shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, and the like? Most moms refuse to leave home without a Floppy Seat. They're the BEST.

  • Mitten Keeper


    Image via winterkids.com

    In the dead of winter, there's simply nothing worse than not being able to find one of your kid's mittens. And this is why every mom needs Kombi Kids Mitten Clips. One end attaches to the jacket, and the other to the mitten or glove. Hallelujah.

  • Spill-Proof Bowl


    Image via booninc.com

    Not only does this Boon bowl have a suction cup base -- it also includes a "food catcher" to avoid extra spills. Winning.

  • Pee Targets


    If you are in the midst of trying to potty train a little boy, you won't know how you ever lived without these Tinkle Targets. Ready, aim, fire! And it shouldn't come as a shock that these were invented by a mom.

  • Smush-Free Snacker


    Image via snacktrap.com

    Tired of finding crushed Cheerios and Goldfish embedded into the back seat of your car? Yeah ... you need a Snack-Trap. Even if your toddler drops a bite or two, at least it's not the entire bowl.

  • Nose Whisperer


    Image via Boogie Wipes

    If you haven't tried Boogie Wipes yet for your little one's runny or stuffy nose, you're really missing out. They won't irritate noses like regular tissues -- and they contain saline, which helps when your little one is all stuffed up. (Keep these stocked at all times.)

  • 'Smart' Night Light


    Image via goodnitelite.com

    If you have a toddler who is either up at the crack of dawn or wanders into your room in the middle of the night -- you need the Good Nite Lite. It changes from a moon to a sun when it's time to wake up, which lets your toddler know how long he's expected to stay in his bed.

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