3-Month-Old Gets All Dressed Up for Adult Jobs in Dad's Photo Project

Jeanne Sager | Jan 16, 2014 Being a Mom

baby boxerDon't worry. It's not a real black eye!To be a parent is to have big dreams for your child. Will they be president? Cure cancer? Or will your baby do something the world has yet to dream up? The point is, babies all start out a blank slate, a story to be written. But what if we could see our children's futures? One Dad decided to find out.

Lucky for Malo (yup, just Malo), he's a photographer with plenty of time on his hands to turn his 3-month-old daughter, June, into everything from a baby boxing champ to an itty bitty priest! The result is an amazing series of "When I Grow Up" photos that look at babies -- and a parent's dreams for them -- in a whole new way.

We asked the French dad to fill us in on his inspiration for the series:

One day my son told me that he wanted to be an explorer when he grew up. My daughter, on the other hand, was set on becoming an artist. It made me wonder what they would really become.

I thought about how parents used to decide their children’s futures for them. If we envisioned a military career, we’d push our children to become notaries, lawyers and doctors. Today your profession is still important, but it’s only one thing among many. We can hope for our children to become symbols and icons: an athlete, a Miss Something or a rock star. I found the idea amusing and decided I’d have to make it into a photo series. The birth of my last daughter gave me the opportunity.
So how did he make it happen?

With a bit of sewing artwork, my wife and I, and then some friends, conceived the costumes.  

My daughter was only 3 months old on most of the pictures, It's very small! There was no way we could put anything on her face. So I photographed her brother and her sister with the super-hero (luchador) and the doctor masks, and then put them together with Photoshop.

So what does Malo hope other parents take away from his work?

That you must simply let your children grow up and help them with theirs choices.

Well said!

Check out the adorable photos of little June ... from beach baby to butcher in the making!

I think number 10 is my favorite. How about you?

What is your dream for your baby?


Image via Malo Photographies

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