Matthew McConaughey Credits Golden Globe Win to Mom's TV-Watching Policy

matthew mcconaughey golden globesIf you're looking for good parenting advice, the Golden Globes are probably the last place you'd consider. But surprise -- I was actually inspired by one of the speeches. Did you hear how Matthew McConaughey thanked his mother in his Best Actor acceptance speech? It was not your typical "thank your mama." Check it out here in case you missed it. Sounds like Matthew's mom had best line ever for getting her kids away from the screen and playing outside. (Besides that, this speech is Classic McConaughey and therefore utterly adorable in a wonderfully loopy way.)


At a time like this makes me wanna say thank you to my mother, for a real reason. When we were growing up, we weren't movie kids, we weren't tv kids, we weren't even media kids. If it was daylight you had to be outside playing. We'd go, "Why, mom, why can't I just watch 30 minutes of TV?" She goes, "Don't watch somebody on TV do it for you, get out and do it for yourself." Now, this many years later, I'm like, that's pretty good recipe for an actor, to go be the subject of whatever you're doing. So thank you mom for that.

Yeah, thank you Matthew's mom! I am going to use that line, too. I love it. Usually when we shove our kids outside to play we use some boring, it's-good-for-you reasoning, like "You need some exercise!" Or we make it about us: "Get out of here so I can have a moment's peace!" But getting your kids outside because that's where the true adventure is, that's genius.

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Of course, McConaughey grew up in Texas a long time ago, when you could just send kids outside, not expect them until dinner time, and not worry too much about it. I'm raising a kid in the city. The park two blocks away is our back yard, but he's not old enough to go there by himself. For a lot of us, getting the kids to play outside isn't just a matter of inspiring them; It also means taking time to go out and play with our kids, too.

But that just means I'm getting out and being my own action hero, too, right? I am if I'm playing with my kid. So in a way, McConaughey's mom's advice works for parents and for kids. I'm going to remember that this weekend when I need to get us both out of our warm, cozy nest and out into the park.

What do you say to your kids to get them to play outdoors?


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