5 Stylish Babies Who Don't Want to Be Seen in Public With Their Parents

Adriana Velez | Jan 10, 2014 Being a Mom

baby styleSince becoming a parent I've noticed an interesting phenomenon: You guys dress your babies hella better than you dress yourselves. Really, what's the deal? Your baby is in fly organic cotton block-printed threads and you're in that ratty purple polar fleece over faded, black yoga pants. I get it -- kids are messy and you're tired. Your baby's clothes look better partly because you're buying new stuff every five minutes because they keep growing. (Urgh, growing!) But still. How can you not notice the disparity in style between you and your kid? Some of you look more like a hobo kidnapper holding some rich person's baby for a ransom of canned pork 'n beans.

I recently spoke with some fashionable babies and asked them how they feel about how most parents dress. Here's what they told me.

baby clothes

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