Toddler's Plan to Eat Cookie Foiled by Swim Floaties (VIDEO)

toddler eating cookie floatiesPretty much everything toddlers do is adorable (save for, you know, epic tantrums in public places). When they eat a cookie, it's cute. When they've got on a pair of floaties for the pool, it's cute. When they try to eat a cookie, but can't due to bulky floaties they've got on for the pool, it's pure magic.

Watch this squee-worthy video of a small fry trying his damndest to eat a chocolate cookie, only to have his plan repeatedly foiled by his swim floaties. I feel bad for the poor guy, but dang, this is funny!


All this little dude wants is to enjoy his cookie. Simple man. Sadly, he's too small to know how to take his floaties off, or know that he has to take his floaties off to enjoy his treat. So he just goes for it -- the plight of the toddler!

Fewer things are cuter than watching a little kid's attempt at "multi-tasking". They don't get frustrated; they don't get mad; they just keep at. We should all be like that.

Hope you finally got to eat that cookie, little man! And be wary next time someone gives you a treat after you've just had a swim!

What's the funniest thing your toddler ever did?


Image via America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

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