Rent Designer Clothes for Your Toddler Because You Have Money to Burn

borrow mini couture
Ooh la la, Dior!
Be honest, is your toddler keeping up with the likes of Harper Beckham? Feeling a bit slovenly next to Rachel Zoe's son, Skyler? Well it's time to sharpen up, slacker. Behold: Borrow Mini Couture. It's basically Rent the Runway for toddlers! Now you have no excuse whatsoever for not dressing your little drooler in the fly-est designer duds.

Oh, I guess you still have the obvious excuse: Your kid is a messy toddler who ruins clothes. But that's a boring excuse! Let's explore the wonder that is kiddie couture on loan.


To be fair, I can think of a few reasons why it might actually make sense to rent fancy clothes for toddlers. Maybe you have an event where your child is expected to appear -- as a flower girl or ring bearer at a wedding, for example. And you obviously don't want to pay a lot of money for an outfit they'll wear only once, not to mention fit in for just a fleeting few weeks.

Rent this amazing Chloe ombre and sequin shift for $99 (it retails for $403) and your little one can be a princess for a day. I want this dress in my size. Or put your son in this dashing grey Ludlow suit and tie by Crew Cuts for $82 and be glad that you don't have to spring for the full $392. Of course, a suit from Sears will run you as little as $31, but once you've seen the Ludlow it's kind of hard to be okay with the Sears. Or maybe it's just me. (Damn you, Crew Cuts!)

Wait a minute, wait a minute -- I forgot we're talking about toddlers' clothes, not adults'! When I think of toddler clothing I see two things: Stains and tears. At least these kiddie couture outfits are insured and you won't get charged when (not if, but WHEN) your kids ruin them. Honestly, I don't know how they'll stay in business that way, but whatever. That's not your problem!

I don't know... I still think you'll be paying more to borrow a dress than you'd pay for some cheap, frilly number (like from Target) you can let your kid use as a play dress after the event.

Would you rent fancy clothes for your toddler, or would you just buy a cheap fancy dress from wherever?


Image via Borrow Mini Couture


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