5 Ways You Are a Neurotic Parent & Don't Realize It

mom and childNew parents worry about everything. Is my baby getting enough to eat, is he warm enough, is he happy. I used to constantly peer into my son's crib to make sure he was still breathing. I held my breath until I would see his little chest rise. I used to think, "God, just help me keep this little guy alive." I thought those concerns would subside as he got older, but now that he's five, I still find myself going into his room at night to make sure he's okay. I know I'm not alone. I've asked other moms about their neurotic habits.

  1. You keep hand sanitizer in every room of your house. I have yet to meet a new mom who did not require every single person who help her baby to lather up with Purell first. This shouldn't necessarily be the case once a child hits the toddler years. In fact, doctors say our kids need some exposure to germs. So if you still require people to use it around your kindergartner, you might be a little too protective.
  2. You are years past the danger age for SIDS but you check to make sure your child is still breathing at night. 
  3. You make every single piece of food that goes in her mouth from scratch. Unless your child has severe food allergies, there really isn't necessary. Your child will survive is she eats a pre-packaged snack every once in awhile. I promise.
  4. Your still use a baby monitor for your 6-year-old. Ever heard of the phrase "cut the cord?" Do it. Literally. You don't need to monitor your child's movements all night. Giving them that little bit of independence is good for the both of you.
  5. Your grade school age kid still sleeps with you every night. I even met a mom who still allowed her pre-teen to sleep with them. I am all for the "family bed" but only up to a certain age. You can maintain family closeness in many other ways.

Sometimes it's hard to let our kids grow up, but it really is for the best. That said, I need to wrap up this post so I can go check on my sleeping son. LOL.

What are other signs that you are a neurotic mom?


Image via Monalyn Gracia/Corbis

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