New Tear-Jerking Olympics Ad Shows How Moms Turn Toddlers Into Champions (VIDEO)

sochi olympicsI don't know if it's because I'm rather sleep-deprived these days, but the minute I saw this video for the Winter Games in Sochi, I started crying. Like, embarrassing, thank-god-I-work-from-home crying.

Because no adjective-full description can do this video justice, you need to just watch it for yourself -- especially if you're a mother.

Waterworks commence.


Like I said, I could just be having a moment, but man. This video killed me. And I don't even like sports.

The thing I was most moved by was the shots of mothers continually picking up their falling babies and toddlers, completely out of habit. As we all well know, there is no instruction manual on how to raise a kid, and we all do things differently, but grabbing a child who's tumbled to the ground is sheer instinct. And more so than the whole "teaching kids to get back up after they've fallen" metaphor, it shows our children that we're there for them. Always. It's so small, and not something we ever give any thought to, but it's the kind of thing that gives our kids confidence and security. Maybe they'll go on to be an Olympic skier, maybe they won't. But all kids need love and consistency like this. Nothing else matters. Whether you breast- or formula-fed, made all of your baby's food yourself, fed them out of a jar -- nothing. This is what children need.

So, nice work, Procter & Gamble, you evil geniuses. You really know how to tug at a mama's heartstrings. From here on out, whatever you're selling, I'm buying. Love this.

What thing came easiest and most natural to you as a mother?


Image via Procter & Gamble/YouTube

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